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Tank T-80

Weight (tons): 46,0
Speed (km/h): 70
Dimensions (m): 9'651/6'982 x 3'582 x 2'202
M./Engine: gas. turbine GTD1250, 1'250 hp
Crew: 3
Power-to-weight ratio (hp/t): 27.2
Ground pressure (kg/sm2): 0.925
Fuel capacity (L): 1'840
Range (km): 400
"fording (m): 1.2/5.0

1 x 125 mm smoothborne gun
1 x 7,62 mm MG coaxial
1 x 12,7 mm AA MG
gun loading: a/m; stabilization: v/h; stowage: 45; coax.: 1'250;
AA- 450; elevation/depres.: 5'4/ 13';

type of rounds: APFSDS HE-FRAG HEAT Guided missile 

Fire Control System:

Commander's: : day-and-night, passive with stabilization of field of view in vertical plane;
Gunner's: day sight with two plane stab. of field of view incorp. a laser range finder and a missile guidance capability; night sight passive with stab. of field of view in vert. plane;
Ballistic computer: takes into accounts all topometeoballistic conditions affect. firing accuracy;
Thermal imager: provision is made of instal. of thermal imager


armour protection: from APFSDS, HEAT
dynamic protection: Yes
radiation protection Yes
thermal protection: Yes
dazzle painting: Yes
NBS system: Yes
fire- suppres. system: Yes
optoelectronic -sup. system: Yes
air condition: Yes
T-80 is accepted on arms in a 1976. For the first time in the world it is equipped with gasturbodrive. On the first series T-80 there was GTD-1000 by power 1000 hp. Seconds, on T-80B - GTD- 1000TF of the same power, and on T-80U - GTD- 1250. The high battle qualities T-80 for want of practically to lowest battle mass in main are reached due to dense arrangement. The branch of management is in a forward part of tank, battle with a tower - in the middle, motor-transmission - in a forage. T-80 is armed with 125-mm smoothbor.gun, D-81 or 2?46?-1 gun, stabilized in two planes, (on T-80U and T-80B) with coupled 7.62-mm machine gun PKT; 12.7-mm AD machine-gun complex "Rock" on commanders sight, complex of a guard from controlled arms and system of start-up smoke grenades "Cloud". The complex of arms also includes a sight - range finder, night sight and loading mechanism. The tanks T-80B have received a guided missiles complex "Kobra", and T-80U - complex "Reflex". The loading mechanism is borrowed at T-64. Into a control system of a light ?-80B enter a laser sight - range finder, ballistic calculator, stabilizer of arms, package of gauges inspecting all important information (a velocity of a wind, roll and velocity of the tank, course angle of the purpose etc.). The management of a fire on T-80U is duplicated. The guns 2?46? and ?-1 (T-80B and U) are made with more rigid requests to a trunk, which is supplied with a metal heat-shielding casing(cover) defending it from external effects (solar rays, rain) and reducing a sag for want of heat. The greatest aim distances of shooting for T-80B underbarrel and cumulative shells - 4000 m, demolition - 5000 (with the help of of side level - 10000 m). With a night sight TPN?-49 in a foreground they reach 1300 and in passive - 850 m. The complex "Reflex" with induction of rockets on a laser ray allows to start them on any velocities of the tank. T-80 is equipped with gears of night vision.
For orientation for want of of bad visibility and under water is present gyroscopic coursefinder. The tank T-80 is protected by the combined multilayer reservation, and also as T-80BV, and built-in complex of a dynamic guard. The securities of the tank from cumulative shells promote screens on sides of tank (steel sheets on a rubber apron), tower and before a nose. T-80 has a system of a collective guard from the weapon of a mass defeat and automatic fire-prevention equipment. The power plant of the tank consists from GTD-1000TF with the two-cascade compressor, force turbine and adjusted(adjustable) by a means of the force turbine. The suspension is torsional with hydroshock-absorbers on 1 -, 2- and 6-m knots of the suspension roles. Track with rubbermetal hinge.

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