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Tank T-64

Tank T-64

Weight (tons): 42,4
Speed (km/h): 60
M./Engine: diesel 5DTF, 700 hp
Crew: 3
Power-to-weight ratio (hp/t): 16.5
Ground pressure (kg/sm2): 0.92
Fuel capacity (L): 1'270
Range (km): 500
"fording (m): 1.8/5.0

1 x 125 mm smoothborne gun
1 x 7,62 mm MG coaxial
1 x 12,7 mm AA MG
gun loading: a/m; stabilization: v/h; stowage: 36; coax.: 1'250;
AA- 300; elevation/depres.: 5'4/ 13';

type of rounds: APFSDS HE-FRAG HEAT Guided missile

T-64 was accepted on arms in December, 1966. It has become the first tank of the second generation, for the first time in USSR by an equipped automaton loading of a gun. The crew T-64 was reduced up to a commander, shooter and mechanics - driver in branch of management in a forward part of tank welded from armored sheets. The loading automaton (hydromechanical with constants by an angle) was in a special cabin, docked to a tower. In it the conveyor 30 shots separate in any gang are stacked. Remaining 10 - in branch of managements and in battle. 115-mm the D-68 gun, stabilized in two planes, is coupled with 7,62-mm by a machine gun PKT and makes up to 10 shots one minute. The AD machine gun was not. For management of a light was the optical sight - range finder, day time and night sights. Drive - two-stroke 5-cyl. turbodiesel engine 5TD (later - 5TDF) power 700 h.p. with driven pistons. The propellant budget in main tanks (815 l) ensured distance of a course 550 - 650 km. The suspension - individual torsion with hydraulic shock-absorbers on 1 -, 2- and 6-m knots. Tracks were with internal amortization, cnkca - with rubbermetal hinge. T-64 have equipped with a guard automatically joining scale - gauge, fire-prevention equipment of a triple operation, equipment for movement under water etc. Since a 1969 of steel to issue improved T-64A from 125-mm smoothb. gun 2A46-1, AD complex new sight.Ammo up to 37 shots have decreased, a mass a little has increased, and the velocity has decreased to 60.5 km.
In a 1976 T-64B equipped with a complex of controlled arms "COBRA" has appeared. It is produced from a trunk of a gun a rocket shell with uncovered in flight wings. A system of its induction - radiocommand, distance of shooting up to 4000 m. T-64B has received a laser sight range finder and new night sight, the battle(dashing) mass has increased up to 39 tons. The tanks T-64BV are equipped with a system of dynamic guard (POSES). Production T-64 was stopped in a 1987, but the upgraded machines remain in build.

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