Cruise- Missile Submarine (Nuclear Powered) 949/949A Oscar class

D. (tons): 13'400/18'000 (24,000 949A)
Speed (kts): 33(32)sub
Dimensions (m): 154,0 x 18,2 x 9,0
M./Engine: 2/ pres.-water nuclear reactors, steam turbines; 2/7 bladed props., 98'000 hp
Man./Crew: 130


Missiles: 24 Granit (SS-N-19) (R:450 n.m; w:c/nuclear; S: 2,5 mach)
24 /81R (SS-N-15) or Vodopad (SS-N-16) (R: 60/70 n.m)
Torpedoes: 4/533 mm VA-111 (w: c/nucl)
2/650 mm (d: 400 m; s: 200 kts) Total: 28

Design: large guided-missile submarines; an upgraded version of the 'Oscar-I' design. Intended for strikes against surface forces, especially aircraft carriers. The Pacific Fleet units of this class remain relatively active and routinely deploy. Classification: Atomnie Podvodnie Kreysery 1 Ranga (APKR); Nuclear Powered Submarine Cruiser of 1st Class. Principal builders: P.P. Pustyntsev and I.L. Bazanov. Builders: Sevmashpredpriyatiye, Severodvinshk.


949 class:
K-525, 1978 commis. 1980
K-206, Murmansk. Commissioned in 1981.
949A class:
Krasnodar K-148 1986
Belgorod K-132 1987
Voronezh K-119 1988
Chel'yabinsk K-173 1989
Smolensk K-410 1990
Tambov K-456 1991
Kasatka K-456 1991
Orel K-266 1992
Omsk K-186 1993
Kursk K-141 1995
Tomsk K-512 1997
Pskov K-530 under construction