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Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

RS - 22

NATO Designation SS-24 "Scalpel"

Silo launched RS-22 (SS-24 "Scalpel") intercontinental ballistic missile

Entered service in 1984
Range 10 000 km
Weight 100 t
Weight of warhead 4 t
Type of warhead MIRV 10 x 550 (ktons) + air defense suppression systems
Guidance inertial
Number of stages 3
Deflection from the target less than 200 m
Length 20.7 m
Diameter 2.4 m
   In 1984 Strategic missile forces of the Soviet Union received new RS-22 (also known as RT-23 "Molodets") intercontinental ballistic missile, designated as SS-24 "Scalpel" with NATO forces. This solid fuel missile was developed by "Juzhnoje" design bureau. It was developed in two variants of launching. One missile is based on a rail-mobile launcher, while the other variant is an ordinary silo launched missile. Missile has a launching weight in 100 tons and features 10 individualy guided warheads. Weight of the main warhead - 4 tons. The RS-22 intercontinental ballistic missile features deflection from target in less than 200 meters.Railway launched RS-22 (SS-24 "Scalpel") intercontinental ballistic missile

   Rail-mobile laucher externaly is simmilar to a train carrying refrigerating van or passenger carriage. Each rail-mobile complex is intended to carry out a long-term authonomy patrol. It is able to fire missiles form any point of it's route. Railway train with vans or carriages are 26 meters long and 3 meters wide and carry 21.25 meters long launching container with the SS-24 "Scalpel" missile. In 1990 in the Soviet Union 6 such trains carried 18 missiles. In 1991 there was made a decission to stop production of the rail based RS-22 intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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