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Submachine Gun

"Yati - Matik"


Caliber 9 mm
Cartridge type 9 x 19 mm Para
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with loaded magazine)  g
Total weight (with empty magazine) 1 650 g
Overall length  375 mm 
Barrels length  203 mm 
Fire characteristics
Bullets initial speed 380 - 400 m/s
Muzzle energy 550 J
Rate of fire 650 rpm
Practical rate of fire  30 - 120 rpm
Magazine capacity 20, 40 rounds
Sighting range 200 m

   Submachine Gun "Yati-Matik" was developed by Finn constructor Yali Timari. It entered service in Finland Armed Forces in 1982 and replaced submachine gun "Suomi" developed in 1931. 

   New submachine guns features are compact dimensions, moderate weight, easy usage and maintenance. The main peculiarity is inclined in 5 degrees up barrel and lock's mechanisms. Such constructional decision together with lock, covering barrel almost suspense barrels tossing. Last mentioned positively effects automatic fire accuracy. Lock covering barrel partly compensates submachine guns tossing. Furthermore pistol handle is maximally set to barrels channel line. This factor also decreases tossing and increases weapons control.

    Submachine guns automatic works on free lock's principle. It allows to execute single or automatic fire. It has no separate fire mode changer. Pushing once on the trigger it will execute single shot while pushing and holding trigger - unremitting fire. Using lock, covering barrel allowed to decrease submachine guns length. However it doesn't affects somehow on fire accuracy cause barrels length is similar to ordinary submachine guns. Barrel has 6 rifles. It has screws to mount suppressor.

   "Yati-Matik" has folding additional handle in the forward barrel box part. This handle is multifunctional. First of all it serves as reloading handle, when it is folded it blocks lock in forward and backward position preventing accidental shot. So it serves as not automatic safety-lock as well. Thirdly it serves as additional handle to increase weapons control. "Yati-Matik" does not have folding shoulder's butt-stock what considerably decreased weapons dimensions and weight.

   Submachine gun is made from stamped steel, shock-proof plastic and aliuminum. "Yati-Matik" features high technical characteristics and effectiveness. 

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