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Handed Flamethrower SMEL (Bumblebee)

(RPO - A, RPO- Z, RPO- D)


All RPOs


Calibre, mm


Length, mm

Mass of RPO, kg 11
Mass of flamemix, kg 2,1
Distance of shooting, m  
Maximum ,m 1000
Aim ,m 600
Minimum ,m 20

For want of to development jet infantry flamethrower Smel ("Bumblebee") the problem of creation of the mass weapon for soldiers and subdividings chemical army, adequate(answering), on the one hand, requests of modern near fight was put, and with other - capable to replace artillery in difficult for it conditions: in mountains, in the occupied items for want of of limited visibility etc.

The solution of this problem implied creation cheap in production both simple in circulation and operation of the weapon of a type a grenade charger adequate(answering) following requests: - High exactitude of shooting; - Small mass and dimensions; - Possibility of multiple objective application with efficiency of an operation on the purposes at a level of field artillery. The problems of development of the similar weapon were put in many countries of the world from time of emerging on arms of armies manual lšincainakziauõ of grenade charger s. However because of complexity of technical problems, which were necessary for deciding, Russia, namely SV of instrument making has managed(consulted) them only.

"Bumblebee" is the weapon of one-time application and has three such as shots: flamet.-and with thermobaric, RPO-Z with ignition, RPO-D with smoke by equipment. High exactitude, possibility of shooting are reached at the expense of application of the original circuit(scheme) of start with separation in the channel of a trunk (container) of a drive and battle(dashing) part. In "Bumblebee" powder the drive is connected to the capsule and trunk - container by communications(connections), which for want of shot fail by pwoder gases expiring from a drive forwards - in a concavity between a drive and the capsule and back - out.

Powder gases expiring forwards, pressure accelerate the capsule on length of a trunk - container, and back - jet draft keep a drive from transitions for want of shot. Simultaneously part powder of gases through specially profiled the clearance between the capsule and trunk - container goes in a concavity of the latter before a forward cover, drops it and outside pressure on a wall of the capsule counterbalances internal pressure on it(her) filling of a mixture of the capsule called(caused) by transhipment for want of shot. Such circuit(scheme) of a shot has allowed to decide a number of problems: - To reduce a mass of tank of the capsule and scatter it äóeükié of a velocity; - To supply(ensure) dynamic steadiness ickågåna for want of shot and to direct transition of the weapon for want of it forwards; - To reduce length of a trunk - container. RPO with success has passed check in a course(!during) of battle(dashing) operations in a number of local conflicts. On evaluations of the foreign and domestic military experts, ickågån on demolition, ignition and smoke to effect on main kinds of the purposes does not concede 105-152-gg to artillery shells, and with acceptance it on arms of Russian army each soldier has received at the order "artillery". Developed RPO-and till now has not analogs abroad. Unique domestic analog "Tanin" (the capsule with thermobaric by equipment to regular antitank to a grenade charger of reusable application RPG-7), developed in a 1996, considerably concedes ickågånó "Bumblebee" on main battle(dashing) performances. Practically all configuration items ickågåna "Bumblebee" differ by a technological simplicity and can be made on multiuse mission equipment used in a mechanical engineering. Main mass of detailses forming ickågån and it knots, receive by cold punching leaf of hire, processing by cutting of round hire both pressing of plastic and rubber.

Elemination can make a pipe of a trunk - container produced by a method of winding of a fiberglass on design and tank of the capsule and pwoder of a drive, made by a rotational extract. However these operations are widely applied practically in all countries producing the jet weapon, in particular(personally) lšincainakziauå grenade charger s of one-time application.

RPO-A (thermobaric) is intended for a defeat of the covered firing means in city, in field conditions and in mountains, and also for destruction buildings, motor transportation and light armored of engineering. On a desroying operation on main kinds of the purposes does not concede 105 - 152-mm artillery. Ammo RPO-A for want of explosion creates overpressure 0,4-0,8 kg/sm2 on a distance(span) 5 m from a point of explosion on open district and 4-7 kg/sm2 - in a location of volume 90 m3. The shock wave can "to become numb" in shelter etc.. Impulse of pressure for want of explosion of a thermobaric mixture, and consequently, and it the desroying ability is much higher, than at traditional explosive, for exampleTNT, that for want of explosion in structures and structures, as a rule, calls destruction of walls and between floors of overlappings. In a zone of detonation transformations of a thermobaric mixture full "burn-out" of oxygen happens and temperature above 800 iN develops.

RPO-Z (ignition) is intended for creation of landscape fires and fires in buildings, structures and warehouses of a petroleum PRODUCTS. On igniting ability exceeds all modern ink and capsules Flamet. RPO-Z in locations of volume 90-100 m3 creates volumetric burning of a mixture during 5-7n, ignites subjects from combustible materials (tree, fabrics etc.) and on open district creates landscape fires at the expense of formation the approximately 20 centers of primary fire on general(common) square up to 300 g2.

RPO-D (Smoke) is intended for creation of smoking veils blinding accounts of firing means, and untransferable for an alive force of conditions in a various kind safety. On blinding ability does not concede 152-mm smoke to an artillery shell. RPO-D will derivate not looked through äugiaóž a veil of length 55- 90 g on open district with a life time 1,2-2 min, in various structures of volume up to 1500 m3 creates the centers of a fire, not desroying a structure from a stone, brick etc., and for want of it, on the one hand, creates untransferable conditions for the unprotected alive force, and with other - completely blinds the alive force, protected by gas masks, on time 3-5 min.

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