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Grenade charger RPG-29 "Vampire"



Calibre, mm 105,2
Mass full , kg 11,5
Mass of a grenade, kg 4,5
Initial velocity of a grenade, m\s 130
Aim distance of shooting, m 450

In an extremity 80-th is developed and is accepted on arms manual antitank a grenade charger RPG-29 with a shot PG-29V. This modern weapon of motor-shooting branch for a defeat of all kinds of modern tanks armoured and not armoured engineering, and also alive force in defensive structures of a various type. The weapon, despite of essentially increased on a comparison with RPG-7 mass-dimensional performances, is simple and conveniently in operation, reliably and trouble-free in any climatic conditions. Battle(dashing) account — Two persons.

The grenade charger for convenience of operation is divided into two parts. In a marching position both parts find room(be located) in special detail for carring with one person. For want of reduction in a battle(dashing) position both parts incorporate by means of the special plug. On a grenade charger fasten the mechanism with the handle, persistent reversible niuza and mechanical sight shock& -starting. The grenade charger is completed by an optical sight for shooting in daylight and gear of night vision for shooting at the night.

The shot PG-29V consists from warhead and jet engine. Warhead is unified with PG-29V. The powder charge of a jet engine completely burns down within the limits of length of a grenade charger .

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