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Automatic Pistol

OC-33 "Pernatch"


The OC-33 "Pernatch" Automatic Pistol

Caliber 9 mm
Cartridge 9 x 18 mm (PM, PMM) 
Dimensions and weight 
Weight (with empty magazine for 18 rounds) 1 150 g
Weight (with empty magazine for 27 rounds) 1 180 g
Buttstock weight 270 g
Overall length 222 mm
Overall length (with extended stock) 538 mm
Barrels length   122 mm
Fire characteristics
Bullets initial speed 320 (PM), 415 (PMM) m/s
Rate of fire 900 rpm
Practical rate of fire 30 - 50 rpm
Magazine capacity 18, 27 rounds
Sighting range 100 m
Range of effective fire 50 m (PM)

   The OC-33 "Pernatch" Automatic Pistol was developed by the I.Stechkin. It was intended to replace the APS Automatic Pistol which was mainly used by special forces developed by the same weapon designer. The "Pernatch" outperforms the APS Automatic pistol in it's characteristics, simplified design and manufacture. Furthermore the "Pernatch" is more reliable. The OC-33 Automatic Pistol is a version of an OC-23 "Drotik" Automatic Pistol chamberThe OC-33 "Pernatch" Automatic Pistoled for the 9 x 18 mm (PM, PMM) cartridge.

   Pistol automatic works on free lock recoil principle. The hammer mechanism is opened and executes single or automatic fire. The hammer mechanism works in "single-action" or the "double-action" modes both. A safety-lock is a fire mode changer at once. It is placed from the both sides of the barrel frame. The OC-33 "Pernatch" is fitted with a cartridge load indicator.

   The Pistol was chambered for the improved 9 x 18 mm (PMM) cartridge which has ballistic characteristics similar to the 9 x 19 mm (Para) cartridge. However the OC-33 also can be fed by the standard PM cartridges. Although with it the Pistol shows lower ballistic and penetration abilities. The old PM cartridges have suitable human-stopping features but use to ricochet hitting hard surfaces. This disadvantage was corrected in the PMM cartridge which has a conical shape bullet instead of a rounded used with the PM cartridges. The 9 x 18 mm (PMM) improved cartridge in 10 m range proofs 4 mm steel plate.

   The trigger guard allows to comfortably hold the pistol with the both hands. Pistol has an opened fixed sight. However it is fitted with aThe OC-33 "Pernatch" Automatic Pistol with extended stockn underbarrel rail intended for accessories such as the laser pointer. Furthermore "Pernatch" is completed with a disconnecting metal stock. Unlike the wooden stock used with the APS Automatic pistol the new one is more comfortable in use. This stock greatly increases fire accuracy executing automatic fire.


   The ability to execute automatic fire and a high capacity magazine make this weapon extremely effective especially with the improved cartridges. This Pistol also features internal simplicity and reliability. Ability to use metal stock.


    The Pistol is a bit uncomfortable to hold of it's two-lines magazine.

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