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Self-loading Pistol

"Para Ordnance" P14-45

"Para Ordnance" P14-45 Self-loading Pistol

Caliber  11.43 mm
Cartridge  11.43 x 23 mm (.45 ACP)
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with empty magazine) 1 100 g
Overall length  216 mm
Barrel length  127 mm
Fire characteristics
Bullet initial speed 250 m/s
Practical rate of fire 30 - 40 rpm
Magazine capacity 14 rounds
Sighting range 50 m
Range of effective fire over 100 m
   The "Para Ordnance" P14-45 pistols are one of the most successful and the most famous clones of the "Colt" Model 1911A1 even outperforming their predecessor. However these Canadian pistols have a number of different technical decisions comparing with the M1911A1. It is one of the best combat pistols ever built.

   It is a classic "single-action" pistol. Like it's predecessor's pistol automatic is based on barrel short recoil principle. It executes only single fire. One of the differences comparing with the "Colt" M1911A1 is a barrel fixed with frame. This feature significantly increases fire accuracy. It has automatic safety built-in in the grip and manual safety. Furthermore it is fitted with firing pin safety.

   The "Para Ordnance" P14-45 distinguishes high reliability. These pistols are widely used in target shooting competitions of their high fire accuracy.

   Pistol has a larger grip. This feature was caused by a high capacity two row magazines and great dimension cartridge. However P14-45 has surprisingly comfortable handling.

   It is fitted with fixed opened sight.

   The "Para Ordnance" Pistols are produced in later models:

   - The P14-45 is a base model.
   - The P14-45LDA is a "double-action" modification of the base model.
   - The P12-45 is a compact model of the P14-45, chambered in .45 ACP. Pistol has a shortened barrel, slide and grip. It has a magazine capacity in 12 rounds. This model is the most suitable for self-defense among other "Para Ordnance" pistols as it combines compact dimensions with powerful cartridge and good fire accuracy and additionally enough magazine capacity as well.
   - The P10-45 is a subcompact model chambered in .45 ACP with 10 rounds holding magazine.
   - The P16-40 is a version of the base model chambered in .40 S&W. It has 16 rounds capacity magazine.
   - The P10-40 is a subcompact version of the P16-40. It has a magazine capacity in 10 rounds.

   All models of "Para Ordnance" have a simple model marking where the first number shows magazine capacity and the other - caliber. For example P10-40 is a model with 10 rounds holding magazine and is chambered in .40 S&W.

   All "Para Ordnance" pistols are available with carbon steel or stainless steel frames. Additionally models chambered in .45 ACP are completed with aluminum alloy frames.


   Great fire accuracy and high reliability. High penetration and man-stopping effect. Comfortable handling.


   Great weight and dimensions. 

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