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Self-loading Pistol

"Walther" P99

The "Walther" P99 Self-loading Pistol chambered in 9 x 19 mm (Para).

Caliber 9 mm 10 mm
Cartridge  9 x 19 mm (Para) 10 x 21 (.40 S&W)
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with empty magazine) 710 g 735 g
Overall length  180 mm 184 mm
Barrel length 102 mm 106 mm
Fire characteristics
Bullet initial speed  350 m/s 300 m/s
Practical rate of fire 30 rpm 20 - 25 rpm
Magazine capacity  16 rounds 12 rounds
Range of effective fire 100 m 100 m
   The "Walther" P99 Self-loading Pistol's development began in 1994 by "Carl Walther" company. The main development idea was to design a self-loading pistol suitable for self-defense and law enforcement forces both. Pistol's predecessor the "Walther" P88 had a very similar characteristics. Unfortunately the P88 was not very popular. "Walther" company recommended oneself as a developer of high quality and reliable pistols.

   Pistol automatic works on barrel short return principle. Unlike the classical self-loading pistols P99 has no external hammer. It's mechanism works in "single-action" and "double-action" hammer modes both. This feature makes it safe and ready to use. The P99 has four safety mechanisms. Pistol executes only single fire. There is striker cocking indicator at the rear side. It can be seen or felt. Pistol is fitted with decocker as well.Military model of the "Walther" P99 Self-loading Pistol.

   The "Walther" P99 is initially chambered in 9 x 19 mm Para cartridges. However later there was developed modification chambered in 10 x 21 .40 S&W (.40 Auto). Pistol is also available in 9 x 21 (IMI) cliber however this is quiet rear model.

   Pistol has a full-plastic body. One of it's peculiarities is changeable handle-backs, what individualizes pistol and makes it comfortable to use. It is completed with 3 different handle-backs. Usage of plastic decreased pistol weight. Used plastic polymers distinguish oneself with long life and durability. Barrel and all other metal parts are coated, what provides high all weather resistance and long service life.  

   Pistol is fed from a high capacity magazines (9 x 19 mm model). However there is a ability to use 10 rounds magazines intended for self-defense. High, two line capacity magazines increase pistol's fire power and combat abilities. 

   Trigger frame is comfortable to use from both hands or wearing gloves. Furthermore it is possible to use pistol with tactical searchlight or laser sight mounted on underbarrel accessory rail.

   Pistol has both removable sights. Furthermore they can be replaced to a larger/smaller ones. Also they are easily adjustable. Sights are available in steel and polymer variants.

   There are known later pistols variants and clones:

   - The P99 Compact Self-loading Pistol. It was introduced in 2004 and features smaller dimensions, weight and magazine capacity. This model is available chambered in 9 x 19 mm only."Walther" P99 Self-loading Pistol.

   - "Walther" P99 QA is a quick action model. It features quick-action trigger mechanism.

   - The "Walther" P990 is the same P99 but with "double-action" only trigger mechanism.

   - "Walther" P99 DA is a version intended for German police trials. It was introduced in 2002 unfortunately there are no information about it's further production.

   - The "Walther" P22 Self-loading Pistol. It is chambered in .22LR caliber and is intended for sport shooting. It features reduced weight and dimensions.

   - The "Smith & Wesson" SW99 Self-loading Pistol. It's frame is imported from Germany. The main differences are: rounded trigger guard, slide coating. However the SW99 model is said to be not so successful as the "Walther" P99.


   The main "Walther" P99 advantage is a high magazine capacity. Furthermore it is accurate and reliable. Pistol is extremely durable for a polymer frame weapon. It is comfortable to use and is compatible with a number of accessories.


   Great trigger's push power with the "double-action" mode. It causes inaccurate first shot only preparing pistol for further accurate fire. Heavy pusheable decocker.

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