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Submachine Gun

"Heckler & Koch" MP - 7


The "Heckler & Koch" MP-7 Submachine Gun

Caliber 4.6 mm
Cartridge type 4.6 x 30 mm
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with loaded magazine)  1 540 g
Total weight (with empty magazine) 1 200 g
Length (with folded butt-stock)  340 mm 
Barrels length  180 mm 
Fire characteristics
Bullets initial speed 725 m/s
Muzzle energy 460 J
Rate of fire 950 rpm
Practical rate of fire 40 - 100 rpm
Magazine capacity 20, 40 rounds
Sighting range 200 m
Range of effective fire 200 m

   The "Heckler & Koch" MP-7 Submachine Gun was developed at the end of the last decade. This is a new generation weapon which is classified as a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW). Although it's internal design and automatic principle is similar to the submachine guns the MP-7 takes intermediate position between the submachine guns and the assault rifles.

   Such weapon category appeared in the year 1990, when Belgium "Fabrique Nationale" company developed the P-90 Submachine Gun. The FN P-90 became a first Personal Defense Weapon. Belgium company especially for this weapon developed a totally new 5.7 x 28 mm SS190 cartridge with a sharp nose bullet, which had initial speed in 850 m/s, featuring perfect armor-piercing and penetration results. 

   The Personal Defense Weapons are intended for a supply or a secondary subdivision soldiers, which needed no assault or automatic rifle, but earlier were armed with pistols or submachine guns. These are the drivers, artillery crews, pilots, staff personnel. Also such weapons are suitable for the special forces. However threw the years pistols and submachine guns chambered for pistol cartridges became not effective against modern bullet-proof vests, and helmets.

   The FN P-90 developers found solution by developing already mentioned SS190 cartridge, which had assault rifle penetration abilities in 200 m range and pistol cartridge recoil power. German developers decided to follow this idea and developed their own 4.6 x 30 mm intermediate cartridge with a sharp nose bullet, the MP-7 is chambered for. The MP-7 (PDW) Submachine Gun became second mass production Personal Defense Weapon system, after the Belgium FN P-90 and the "Five-seveN" Self-loading Pistol.The "Heckler & Koch" MP-7 Submachine Gun

   New 4.6 x 30 mm cartridge looks like a shorter 5.56-mm standard NATO cartridge. Developers claim that their new cartridge proofs 1.6 mm titan plate and 20 layers of kevlar in 200 m range. Such great results are provided by very fast initial speed and light sharp bullet's nose.

   The MP-7 automatic works on gas returning principle. It executes single and automatic fire. Safety-lock is a fire mode changer at once. It is placed from the both sides, what makes it ambidextrous. It's system has much in common with the "Heckler & Koch" company G. 36 Automatic Rifle. The new weapon was developed conventionally to submachine gun's traditions with a compact dimensions. 

   Submachine gun is fitted with a folding buttstock and additional pistol handle increasing weapons stability as well as fire accuracy. Magazine is inserted into the pistol handle. The MP-7 uses 20 or 40 rounds magazines. Weapon is easy to operate and to fire from one hand as it is well balanced.

  The "Heckler & Koch" MP-7 is fitted with a collimator sight placed on the rail as standard. However there is ability to use ordinary fixed opened sight as well. Additionally the MP-7 can be fitted with laser pointer, flash-hider or sound suppressor. Last mentioned requires special subsonic speed bullets.


   The MP-7 features great . It has a compact dimensions comparing with it's firepower. A standard rail allows to use various sights. The weapon has an ergonomic shapes. Furthermore it is partly ambidextrous. 


   As the "Heckler & Koch" MP-7 Submachine Gun is a quiet new and is produced in small editions for a moment there is no information about it's disadvantages. Most likely that it has a low reliability but it is only prediction.

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