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Submachine Gun

"Heckler & Koch" MP - 5 SD


Caliber 9 mm
Cartridge type 9 x 19 mm Para
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with empty magazine) 2 900 (SD1), 3 200 (SD2), 3 500 (SD3) g
Overall length  550 (SD1), 780 (SD2), 780 (SD3) mm 
 Length (with folded butt-stock) 610 (SD3) mm 
Barrels length 196 mm 
Fire characteristics
Bullets initial speed 285 m/s
Rate of fire 800 rpm
Practical rate of fire  40 - 120 rpm
Magazine capacity 15, 30 rounds
Sighting range 100 m

   Submachine gun "Heckler & Koch" MP-5 SD is well known submachine gun's MP-5 modification with integrated suppressor. This weapon is used by Germany, United States and a number of other country's special and anti-terrorist forces. Rational suppressor attained good specialists responses. 

    The main MP-5 SD difference from base modification British "SBS" combat diver with MP-5 SD6 is barrel with 30 openings. Suppressor is mounted on the barrel and consists from two cameras. One of them (the bigger one) is tightly connected with barrels openings and is used to lower powder gas and pressure speed. The other camera (the smaller one) turns back gas flow going from barrels end. Sound suppression effect works cause both gas flows are directed one into another inside the suppressor. When they confront pressure decreases extremely fast suppressing shot's sound. Bullet leaves barrel in subsonic speed and causes no sound-blowing wave during it's flight. 

   Submachine guns automatic works on original "Heckler & Koch" developed principle of partly free lock used in G. 3 and a number of other company weapons, principle. It executes single, automatic or fixed series in 3 shots (only SD4, SD5, SD6 models). Not automatic safety-lock is fire mode changer at once. It is placed from the left side near pistol handle and can be switched by right arm's big finger. Safety-lock turned on blocks trigger and separates it's mechanisms.

   Original automatic partly free lock's principle provides better MP-5 SD fire accuracy than other submachine guns. Reloading handle is placed from the left side. It is tightly connected with barrel frame and could be stopped at it's backward position what serves as additional safety-lock.

  There are developed six MP-5 SD submachine gun's modifications. First modification SD1 has no butt-stock. It ends right with it's barrels box wall. Second modification SD2 has fixed plastic butt-stock used in a great number of other MP-5 modificatio"Heckler & Koch" MP-5 SD6 with three magazines connectedns and variants. Third modification SD3 has pulling-off metal butt-stock which is used in MP-5 types A2 and A3. Other variants SD4, SD5 and SD6 are the same SD1, SD2 and SD3 but differs in additional fire control systems allowing to execute fire in 3 fixed shots series. Furthermore last mentioned have a bit changed more modern pistol handle.

   "Heckler & Koch" MP-5 SD uses various types of submachine gun magazines intended for MP-5. Furthermore it has ability to carry inserted one magazine and two other can be connected to it. It allows to carry 90 cartridges with fast changing ability what increases submachine guns combat electivity. 

   The main disadvantage for MP-5 and it's further modifications is that they are quiet unstable to dirt and cause failures in case of in proper or overdue maintenance.

   Submachine gun usually has standard mechanic opened dioptrical sight however it can be fitted with optical, night vision and laser sights such as new APP (Aiming-Point-Projector). 

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