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Large Caliber Sniper Rifle

Barret M82A1

the Barret M82A1 large caliber sniper rifle can be also used as an anti-material weapon

Caliber 12.7-mm
Cartridge type 12.7 x 99 mm (.50 BMG)
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with empty magazine) 12.9 kg
Overall length  1 448 mm
Barrel length 737 mm
Fire characteristics
Bullet initial speed 854 m/s
Magazine capacity 10 rounds
Range of effective fire 1 800 m

   The Barret L82A1 is a semi-automatic high caliber sniper rifle. It is an extremely powerful weapon with a range of fire in 1 800 m. It is chambered for the Browning 12.7-mm cartridge, originally developed for a heavy machine-gun. The M82A1 can be also used as an anti-material rifle against light armored vehicles. Currently it is in service with the US Army special forces and some at least 30 other countries.

   The first M82 rifle was available in 1982. However it's development continued and in 1986 an improved model - the M82A1 was created. In 1990 the M82A1 entered service with the US Army.

   It is a semi-automatic, recoil operated rifle. It is worth mentioning that the M82A1 is designed with the unique recoil absorption. After the shot most of the recoil power is absorbed, otherwise it would destroy rifle's lock.

   The rifle is completed with a heavy barrel and highly effective muzzle-brake.

   The M82A1 fires all types of rounds, developed for the Browning M2HB machine-gun. It is usually used with a standard telescopic sight featuring a ballistic grid, intended for a particular type of bullet.  It is also completed with a backup iron sight. The gun is fed from a box magazine with a 10-round capacity.

Sniper team with the Barret M82A1 large caliber sniper rifle   It is also equipped with a carrying handle and folding bipod. The rifle is usually carried for a long distances in the case due to it's heavy weight.

   Further development of the Barret M82A1 rifle are:

   - the M82A2 large caliber sniper rifle. This rifle was developed in 1987 and has a bullpup design. Unfortunately such configuration seemed to be unsuccessful and this variant is no longer manufactured.

   - the M82A3 large caliber sniper rifle (also designated as the M82A1M). It's main advantage over the M82A1 is a picatinny rail  on top of the receiver. The main advantage of such design is in flexibility of using various scopes for a particular situation. Furthermore it's bipod and carrying handle are detachable.

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