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Assault Rifle

LR - 300

The LR-300 ML assault-rifle with the modified M203 underbarrel grenade launcher and a telescopic folding stock

Caliber 5.56-mm
Cartridge type 5.56 x 45 mm
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with empty magazine) 3 265 g
Overall length  914 mm
 Length (with folded buttstock) 673 mm
Barrel length 419 mm
Fire characteristics
Rate of fire 950 rpm
Practical rate of fire  40 - 100 rpm
Magazine capacity 20, 30 rounds
Range of effective fire 300 m
   The LR-300 is a one of the versions of the M4 carbine intended for special operations. It is developed by Z-M Weapons. The designation LR-300 is translated as a Light Rifle with a range of effective fire in 300 meters. It is a state-of-the art compact modular rifle, based on the famous M16 design.The LR-300 asault rifle is based on the famous M16 design

   The main difference of the LR-300 comparing with the M4 is an improved gas operating system. As far as the main drawback of the M16 was a fixed stock or a telescopic stock on the M4, but non of them could be removed due to the spring piston, mounted inside. The LR-300 has a patented gas system, what allowed to make buttstock foldable. It significantly reduced the overall length of the rifle comparing with the M16 and it is even shorter than the M4 carbine. Assault rifle is completed with a folding stock similar to one used on the FN FAL automatic rifle. It can also be completed with a telescopic 5-points folding stock.

   Another advantage of the LR-300 is a counter-recoil mechanism, which improves firing accuracy. It has smaller recoil then the M16 and it is felt differently. There is virtually no muzzle rise. Furthermore the trigger is pushed softer and more even. Consequently rifles has an excellent accuracy. The LR-300 is far more controllable than the M4 what increases a number of accurate shots during the same time comparing with other M16 based rifles.

   It fires in single shot, full-auto and three-shot-burst modes.

   The LR-300 accepts all M16 clips. It also has a different pistol grip. It's angle is similar to the M1911 and is considered as the best angle to hold a weapon. A rifle's toolkit is held inside the pistol grip and is accessed from the bottom.

   It also has a rail system for variousThe LR-300 SR sports rifle intended for civil use accessories. Rail system is mounted over the top, from the bottom, and even from the each side of the riffle in front of the foregrip. It has a large mountable surface area for flashlights, laser pointers, multiple types of sights, additional handles. The LR-300 is also compatible with a modified M203 underbarrel grenade launcher. Unfortunately this rifle cannot be fitted with knife-bayonet. The Foregrip is completed from composite materials with openings to prevent barrel from overheating.

   Riffle can be easily field-stripped without any tools. It is worth noticing that the rifle is more reliable than it's predecessor. The LR-300 is completed with a Williams adjustable opened sight. It also has a unique Phantom flash-hider.

   There are some variants of this assault rifle. The LT-300 ML is intended only for army. Rifle is also available in the SR (sports) model for civilian use with a long barrel, smaller magazine capacity and firing in semiautomatic mode only.

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