Assault Rifle


IMBEL MD-97 assault rifle

Caliber 5.56-mm
Cartridge type 5.56 x 45 mm
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with empty magazine) 3.71 kg 3.33 kg
Overall length  1 010 mm 850 mm
 Length (with folded buttstock) 770 mm 600 mm
Barrel length 437 mm 330 mm
Fire characteristics
Muzzle velocity 920 m/s 840 m/s
Rate of fire 850 - 950 rpm 60 rpm
Practical rate of fire 40 - 150 rpm 40 - 150 rpm
Magazine capacity 20, 30 rounds
Range of effective fire 600 m 300 m

IMBEL MD-97L and MD-97LC riflesThe IMBEL MD-97 assault rifle family was developed to replace IMBEL MD-2 and MD-3 rifles with Brazilian Army special forces. The MD-97 is based on the MD-2, but has a number of improvements. The IMBEL MD-97 assault rifle family consists of three models. The MD-97L is intended for Brazilian Army, the MD-97LC carbine is intended for police forces. The IMBEL MD-97LM carbine is probably intended for special forces as well. The main difference between all these rifles are dimensions and weight.

The IMBEL MD-97L has similar design to the IMBEL MD-2 and has a gas-operated action with rotating bolt. The "L" stands for "Leve" or "Light". This assault rifle is chambered for standard NATO 5.56 x 45 mm rounds. It has a selective fire mode changer and fires in single-, burst- and full-auto modes. It's bullet can penetrate 3.5 mm of ballistic plate at a distance of 600 meters. It is the only MD-97 family rifle, that can be fitted with an underbarrel grenade launcher.

The IMBEL MD-97LC carbine, is a shortened version of the MD-97L, intended for police forces. The "LC" stands for "Leve/Curto" or "Light/Short". It has reduced weight and dimensions. This carbine fires single shots only. It's bullet can penetrate 3.5 mm ballistic plate at a distance of 300 meters.

IMBEL MD-97L assault rifle with a sound suppressor and grenade launcher The IMBEL MD-97LM has a "Picatinny" rail for various sights and accessories. It fires in single- and full-auto modes.

The MD-97 family can be fed from standard M16 rifle magazines. Assault rifles are available with fixed or folding buttstocks. Rifles can be equipped with accessories, such as sound suppressors and optical sights.

It is worth mentioning, that the MD-97 rifles have short barrel life in only about 6 000 shots. It also has a number of other disadvantages. Currently Brazilian Special Forces brigades are considering to adopt the HK G-36C carbine in place of the MD-97.

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