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Submachine Gun

"Heckler & Koch" UMP

Caliber 11.43 mm
Cartridge type 11.43 x 23 mm (.45 ACP)
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with empty magazine) 2 200 g
Overall length  600 mm 
Barrels length 200 mm 
Fire characteristics
Bullets initial speed 285 m/s
Rate of fire 600 rpm
Practical rate of fire 30 - 80 rpm
Magazine capacity 25 rounds
Range of effective fire 150 m

   UMP submachine gun was developed by "Heckler & Koch" company almost decade ago. UMP (Universal Machinen Pistole) is a modified version of well known MP-5 submachine gun version chambered for .45 ACP cartridges. This weapon is intended for USA police. A bit later there were developed UMP modifications cambered for 9 x 19 mm Para and 10-mm (.40 Auto).

   Submachine gun automatics unlike MP-5 works on free lock's recoil principle. UMP can be completed with 2 or 3 shots burst mode hammer mechanism. This principle is one of the most simple ones, consequently is a bit more reliable than original "Heckler & Koch" automatic principle, based on partly free lock and bearings. Reloading handle acts like additional safety lock. Unautomatic safety-lock is a fire mode changer at once. This changer is placed from the both sides. UMP barrel has 6 rifles.

      UMP body is made from plastic polymer. Plastic magazine has transparent sides, what allows to control ammunition storage left without extracting magazine. UMP has hardpoints for additional equipment such as tactical flashlight or laser sight. Folding buttstock also differs from standard "Heckler & Koch" ones. It folds to the right sight. Buttstock is additionally fitted with rubber compensator, placed on it's back. 

   Submachine gun has opened sector sight with adjustable sighting range.

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