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Self-loading Pistol


Caliber 9 x 21 mm
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with empty magazine) 1000 g
Overall length   195 mm 
Fire characteristics
Bullets initial speed 420 m/s
Rate of fire  rpm
Practical rate of fire 40 rpm
Magazine capacity 18 cartridges
Sighting range 100 m
Range of effective fire 100 m

Gursa is a self-loading pistol for 9 x 21 mm caliber cartridge constructed by Alexei Yuriev. The automation of a pistol works on a principle of a response of a trunk with short it a course(!during). The casing - lock in a combat position completely covers a trunk. In it to a collection the ejector on the right is mounted. Half-latent fire button is accessible for the large pin of a hand holding the weapon. The pistol has two automatic safety devices. First is executed as a key behind of the handle and is switched off for want of full spanning by its palm. Second represents peculiar detail on firebutton and is switched off for want of beginning of descent(release). Safety of the circulation with the weapon for want of by constant it of readiness for a shot thus is ensured. The pistol has modern form. Broad application the plastics not only has facilitated the weapon, but also has made more convenient "carring". The curving firing button has an emphasis(stop) for the pin ensuring convenience of shooting from both hands.

On a casing - lock are executed constant detail with a rectangular slot and finder, not giving of dazzles in the party arrow for want of any illumination. Two-row shop on 18 patrons. By a chess disposition does not act from the handle. The tank of shop has numbers of orifices facilitating it and permitting to determine an amount in it(him) of the patrons. After an exhaustion of the patrons the delay stops a lock in a back position. Possibility of shooting from a pistol (series till 10 shots) is characterized in the following figures: on 25 m all hits 5 mm are stacked in a circle of 8 mm, and radius of the best half - 2,; on 100 m- Accordingly 32 and 18 mm. The special dignities of the weapon are reached due to the patron. High-power 9-mm the patron by a mass 11 gr has a bullet of an original construction with open head part of the heavy core (in sets ours 5,45 -, 7,62- and 9-mm pistol patrons " the bullets were covered with an envelope completely).

In a combination to a high initial velocity (420 m\s) such construction of a bullet has ensured it high shooting an operation. On 70 m the bullet punches self coverdefence of the third class of a guard with " rigid " by elements. It is capable also to punch the block of heads of cylinders of an automobile drive.

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