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Automatic Pistol

OC - 23 "Drotik"


Caliber 5.45 mm
Cartridge  5.45 x 18
Dimensions and weight 
Weight (with empty magazine) 860 g
Overall length  195 mm
Barrels length  112 mm
Fire characteristics
Bullet initial speed 320 m/s
Rate of fire 1 700 rpm
Practical rate of fire 30 - 50 rpm
Magazine capacity 24 rounds
Sighting range 50 m
   The OC-23 "Drotik" automatic pistol is a personal attack and defense weapon intended for special operations. This pistol's tactical-technical characteristics are very close to the Personal Defense Weapons (PDW) such as the FN "Five-seveN".

   It's automatics works on a free lock recoil principle. Hammering  Drawing of the OC-23 "Drotik" Automatic Pistolmechanism is opened and pistol fires single or automatic fire. The hammer mechanism works in "single-" or  "double-action" modes both. The "Drotik" is fitted with a manual safety-lock placed from the each side of the slide.

   The OC-23 "Drotik" has a barrel channel's load indicator placed from the left side of the slide. It is also fitted with an internal signalizations helping to recognize a number of rounds left in the magazine. The magazine itself is a two-line and has a 24 round capacity.

   A trigger guard provides comfortable holding of the pistol with the both hands.

   The OC-23 is fitted with a balancer made as an opening in the front side of the barrel to decrease weapon's tossing especially in the automatic fire mode.

   Pistol has an opened fixed sight. However it is fitted with an underbarrel rail intended for accessories such as the laser pointer. 

   The OC-23 "Drotik" can be successfully used for self-defense at the short ranges. It is a good substitute for the PSM small-size self-loading pistol in the special operations as both pistols are chambered for the same cartridge. The OC-23 greatly surpass the PSM in it's effectivity because of the higher bullet initial speed and greater fire accuracy. Furthermore automatic fire provides bullet penetration and man-stopping characteristics equal or even surpassing  the other higher caliber self-loading pistols. The OC-23 "Drotik" Automatic Pistol

    A 5.45 x 18 mm cartridge itself features unique for a such class cartridges piercing effect. Used with the PSM self-loading pistol this cartridge managed to pierce 55 layers of kevlar and a thick book behind it.

   Further development of the OC-23 "Drotik" became the OC-33 "Pernach" automatic pistol which has very similar design but is chambered for the 9 x 18 mm (PM, PMM) cartridges.


   The OC-23 "Drotik" features good fire accuracy and great penetration capabilities. Furthermore it is fitted with a high capacity magazine enough to execute effective automatic fire. Pistol also features internal simplicity and reliability.


  "Drotik" is a bit uncomfortable to hold of it's two-lines magazine.

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