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Self-loading Pistol

CZ - G 2000


The CZ-G 2000 Self-loading Pistol

Caliber 9 mm
Cartridge 9 x 19 mm (Para) 
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with empty magazine) 780 g
Overall length   185 mm
Barrel length 102 mm
Fire characteristics
Bullet initial speed 350 m/s
Magazine capacity 10, 15, 19 rounds
Range of effective fire 50 m

   The CZ-G 2000 Self-loading Pistol was designed in 1999 by Czech Republic "Arms Moravia" company. It is intended for law enforcement force. This pistol is well made and performs itself wonderfully. It is some kind of hybrid between the CZ-75 with it's internal mechanics and the Walther P99 with polymer frame and slide.

   Although the pistol is named CZ-G 2000 it was not designed by a famous Czech arms producer - the "Czeska Zbrojovka" (CZ) company. Pistol's producer is "Arms Moravia" commercial company based near Prague. This company since recently specialized in an ancient rifle replicas production. However this company possessing the most modern polymer production equipment decided to develop a modern self-loading pistol on it's own risk. Pistol was named CZ in fact that these initials aren't a trademark.

   The CZ G 2000 Pistol was designed in two variants: chambered for 9 x 19 mm (Para) and 10 x 21 mm (.40 S&W) and in May 1999 the CZ - G 2000 was shown on IDEX-99 international military equipment exhibition where it attempted interest of a number of military specialists. The first governmental order for this pistol came from the Near East.

   It's automatics works on lock'sThe CZ-G 2000 Self-loading Pistol recoil with a short barrels turn principle. This principle was designed by J.Browning and is often used in modern pistols. Hammer mechanism is used in "single-action" and "double-action" modes both. Trigger has a push power in 2.4 kg with a "single-action" mode and 4.9 with "double-action" accordingly. These specifications fit requirements for service and self-defense weapons. Furthermore push itself is quiet soft and gradual in both firing modes. Furthermore it can be slightly adjusted. 

   Pistol has an automatic safety-lock mounted in a firing pin. It blocks hammer and releases it with only properly pushed trigger. Such safety-lock locks back after each shot. This feature prevents self-fire when pistol is dropped. Additionally CZ-G 2000 is equipped with decocker switch. Pistol has no more manual safeties except this firing pin.

   It has a barrel load indication switch, mounted from the left side only. There is a small disadvantage connected with it as this switch has small dimensions and it is hard to sense it at night or in extreme situation also finger can easily slip from it.

   Pistol has a polymer body and slide. However it's mechanics is all steel. The G 2000 is very flat. This feature allows to draw it faster from a holster and provides comfortable carrying both. It's dimensions are 185 x 135 x 33 millimeters. It's shape does not prevent from usage wearing gloves. Also the trigger guard allows to hold pistol from the both hands and it fits any kind of hand sizes. There is one interesting detail as the frame has 27 groves grouped by three alongside the slide. This feature simplifies unordinary reloading in extreme situation.

   Magazines for G 2000 are manufactured by Italian company MEC GAR. The 9 x 19 mm (Para) chambered model is fed from 15 and 19 round capacity magazines and 10 x 21 (.40 S&W) model - 11 and  15 (?) round magazines accordingly. Also there is ability to use a 10 round magazine that are mostly intended for self-defense.

   The CZ-G 2000 has been tested under increased temperatures and in temperatures below -40C. It has been also tested in dirty and wet conditions and without lubrication. During all the tests it showed no troubles except some trigger returning failures under -40C temperature. However this feature cannot be considered as a serious disadvantage.

   Pistol chambered for .40S&W cartridge is intended for USA market as this cartridge is very popular in the Police Forces of the USA as it's man-stopping and penetration effect which is even higher than 11.43 х 23 (.45 ACP) cartridge's.The CZ-G 2000 with a laser pointer and longered barrel

   Pistol has an opened fixed sight fitted with a highlight points for quick aiming. However the efficiency of these three dots has not been proven yet. In addition the small size of the sights is uncomfortable for accuracy shooting. By chance, the manufacturer did realize it and proposes to sportive shooters a target rear sight as an option with a higher front sight better appropriate. 

   Pistol has an underbarrel accessory rail for laser pointer or tactical flashlight. It is also proposed with a longer barrel to install silencer. Unfortunately connected sound suppressor covers front and rear sights.

   This pistol is quiet cheap comparing with famous companies analogues. This feature attracted worldwide attention to it as the CZ-G 2000 price is only $600. It is sold in Germany under the CUG-200 export name.


   Pistol is well made and has good fire accuracy and is reliable. Low price, simple design. Light weight and ergonomic shapes. It also features high magazine capacity. Ability to use accessories and manual safeties.


   Using "double-action" mechanism first shot is usually not accurate and is suitable only for preparing pistol to fire as trigger requires too hard power to be pushed. Magazine release button and barrel load indication switch have a too small dimensions.

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