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Self-loading Pistol

MP - 444 "Bagira"

The MP-444 "Bagira" Self-loading Pistol

Caliber 9 mm
Cartridge  9 x 18 mm (PM, PMM)
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with empty magazine) 760 g
Overall length   186 mm
Barrel length   101 mm
Fire characteristics
Bullet initial speed 350 (PM), 420 (PMM) m/s
Practical rate of fire 30 rpm
Range of effective fire 50 m
   The MP-444 "Bagira" Self-loading Pistol was developed as a substitute for the PM Self-loading pistol which was produced since 1951. This pistol is intended for the Russian Army and the Ministry of the Internal Affairs both to replace the PM Pistol. Initially there was developed improved variant of the PM - the PMM Self-loading Pistol chambered for the improved 9 x 18 (PMM) high impulse cartridge. The PMM is serially produced since the 1994 however it's design became old-dated comparing with the modern combat self-loading pistols.

   At the late 80-ties and early 90-ties Russian arms designersThe MP-444 "Bagira" Self-loading Pistol with it's magazine decided that the new pistol should have more powerful cartridge and increased magazine capacity. At the Izhevsk city Mechanical Plant there was developed conceptually new design pistol family. The MP-444 "Bagira" Self-loading Pistol family was intended for 9-mm caliber cartridges. It was chambered for the 9 x 17 mm (Browning), 9 x 18 mm (PM, PMM), and 9 x 19 mm (Para). The MP-444 became a basic model for the MP-445 "Variag" Self-loading Pistol chambered for the more powerful .40 S&W cartridges. One more Self-loading Pistol designed on the same base is the MP-446 "Viking" chambered for 9 x 19 mm (Para) cartridges but with a new external design. 

   Pistol automatic works on the lock short recoil principle. "Bagira" has an opened hammer mechanism with ability to be used in "single-" or the "double-action" modes. Pistol is fitted with a special buffer absorbing recoil power.

   The MP-444 "Bagira" has a plastic polymer frame. It is fitted with cartridge load in the barrel channel indicator. Underbarrel rail is intended for a various accessories such as the tactical flashlight or the laser pointer.

   Feeding is provided from the two line magazine. A magazine release button is placed behind the trigger guard and can be placed from the each side of the pistol handle.

   Pistol has a fixed sight with three contrast points clearly visible at twilight.The MP-444 "Bagira" Self-loading Pistol


      The MP-444 Self-loading Pistol chambered for the 9 x 17 mm (Browning) cartridge has an optimal weight, dimensions, and firepower ratio. Ambidextrous magazine release button. Recoil power absorbing device increases fire accuracy.


   The MP-444 "Bagira" has a two line magazine which makes a bit uncomfortable weapon's holding in the hand. Furthermore a safety-lock position is quiet unsuccessful. 

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